Hommanäs Wild Blueberry Jam

Finnish wild berries | 80% berries | Free of artificial flavors and preservatives

  • Wild blueberries are from Finland, which enjoys the reputation of “forest kingdom”.The world’s rare high-quality wild blueberry producing area is 60 degrees north latitude.Each berry is harvested by hand. The annual harvest is only 20,000 tons, which is a precious gift from nature.
  • Extremely pure air, water, soil, long summer sunshine is good for nutrient accumulation, anthocyanin content is 5 times that of artificially planted blueberries, rich in vitamins A, E, carotenoids, potassium and zinc. Natural diet, nutritious, regular consumption to protect vision, slow down aging, enhance memory. It is one of the five health fruits recommended by the World Food Organization.
  • The jam product is made from wild blueberry and refined by Finnish traditional farm jam. The wild blueberry pulp content is up to 80%, sweet but not greasy, no preservative, no pigment, no fragrance, perfect to retain its original flavor.


Finnish wild blueberry (80%), white sugar, pectin

Free of artificial flavors and preservatives

Nutrition facts

Every 100g: energy 555kJ, protein 0.7g, fat 0g, carbohydrate 28g, sodium 0mg

Storage conditions

Shelf life:18 months

Store in a cool place and refrigerate after opening.

Please take with a clean teaspoon and eat it as soon as possible after opening.

Specifications and packaging

Net weight: 195g

Size: height 8.6cm * width 6.9cm * length 6cm