Cafetoria Mexico Altura

Pursue high quality coffee and resist caffeine

Mexico Altura is our decaffeinated coffee for coffee lovers. By choosing quality organic beans, natural, chemical-free decaffeination methods and maximizing flavor with an artisan roasting process, we have truly achieved tasty decaf coffees. This is quite enjoyable to drink as plain black or with of milk, then our Mexico Altura is the one you will most likely fell in love. The dark roast coffee captures the fragrant notes of the finest coffee in Mexico and becomes the star of Finnish local coffee. When you don’t need caffeine, feel free to have a cup of aroma and lubricated coffee.

We sense

Dark chocolate, rye. Great creamy body with a subtle and lovely carob-like sweetness


Origin: Mexico

Bean: 100% Arabica. Washed process

Decaffeinated Method: Mountain Water process (chemical free)

Roast and grinding

Customers can choose the grinding according to their needs.

Roast: Dark

Grinding:Beans, Espresso, Filter, French press, Moka pot

Specifications and packaging

Packing: Aluminum foil bag seal, one-way exhaust valve design, squeeze bag can smell the coffee, outside air cannot enter. It has good sealing and keeps the original flavor of coffee for a long time.

Net weight: 250g

Size: 21.5cm*14.5cm*7cm