Strength verification Finnish education in the high-scoring documentary “Childhood Elsewhere”; the blue dream of Finnish middle school students comes to China

A while ago, my WeChat circle is screened by the documentary  “Childhood Elsewhere”, especially for the Finnish episode, many friends were shocked by the Finnish education concept. Even the documentary film director Zhou Yijun could not help feeling tears. I forwarded it to some Finnish friends and listened to their opinions. They all praised the Chinese directors for their hard work and recorded the Finnish education philosophy. There is no exaggeration. This is indeed true. This country has a population of only 5.X million, but it is known as the most powerful country in education. Teachers in Finland believe that learning is a natural thing, not for competition or comparison, but for  your-own life. The Finns even dare to say: The best school in Finland is the one closest to home.

The Finnish educational ideas and achievements presented in the documentary are across the screen, and perhaps a little abstract, let’s share an example around them.In 2015, four students from ETEL?-TAPIOLA High School in Finland developed a healthy and delicious wild blueberry bubble juice in the school’s business creative program and family economics course (the name sounds cool).Their original idea was to combine Finnish food, health and nature to spread Finnish forest cuisine to the world.As they prepare for a busy high school course, they begin to mass-produce, re-engineer recipes and seek professional advice, and they take the ultimate product, Wild Blueberry Bubble Juice, to the Finnish 2016 Best Student Startup and Product Award. And on behalf of Finland won the 2016 Baltic Region’s Best Student Start-Up in Switzerland.

The jury of the Entrepreneurship Competition was impressed by the market potential of I’m Blue products.Products contain more than 23% of wild blueberry juice, equivalent to 200 wild blueberries, 100% from Finland’s pure forest, in addition, with lime to increase its fresh taste, sugar content is much less than most sodas, and do not contain artificial flavor and pigment, into the Nordic natural pure flavor, It is a rare market for healthy and delicious gas juice drinks.

In the summer of 2017, I’m Blue was honored as a member of the Finnish Pavilion at the World Expo in Kazakhstan.They have begun to look into the global market and spread Finnish forest cuisine to the world.I’m Blue’s Blue Dream has been flown to Germany, Singapore and Thailand, and will be in China in 2019.

Ida Salo, co-founder and CEO of I’m Blue, who is also working on exchange student studies at the university, “Believes entrepreneurship is what motivates me to complete my studies quickly,” says Salo. Some business theories and other things learned in lectures are easier to understand.They were innovative, independent and courageous, with the strong support of Finnish schools, the government, the media and the Finnish embassies in Singapore and Thailand, and received the 2017 Young Courage Award from the Prime Minister of Finland.Education in Finland may not be perfect, but it is worth learning from the system and atmosphere of encouraging students to innovate independently, to try bravely, and to learn from it.

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