Taste the feast in the Finnish forest, here’s the right way to open it

Hi, friends, When talking about Finland, what do you think of ? Is it the pioneer of innovative education in the recent hot documentary “Children of the Hometown”, or the paradise of the Arctic Ocean with romantic Northern Lights, or the hometown of Santa Claus? Finland has been the happiest country in the world for two consecutive years and one of the longest-lived countries in the world. What are the secrets of their longevity and happiness? National fitness, focusing on food traceability and quality, and eating natural berry fungi, these are The daily life of the Finns is also the secret of their happiness and health.

Finland is known as the forest kingdom. Its forest coverage is as high as 75% and its per capita forest area is 4.5 hectares. It is the country with the largest per capita forest area in Europe. The high latitudes give Finland the lucky gift of nature. The long and cold winter is a natural environment purifier, which has given clean soil for the harvest of the coming year. The Finnish long night has a midnight sun to provide the growth of forest berries. Ample sunshine. Wild berries grown in the pure forests of Finland benefit from pollution-free soil, pure air, clean water, richer aromas and colours, and more nutritious.

Every summer, almost every household goes to the forest to pick berries. There are more than 50 wild berries in the forest, and about 16 are often picked, including Lingonberry with rich in polyphenols and natural antioxidants, wild blueberry (bilberry) with several times higher anthocyanin content, and cloudberry with rich in fiber and VE, known as ultra rare Arctic forest gold, and raspberry with rich in ellagitannins, VE, VC and folic acid raspberry. Most Finns pick up dozens or even hundreds of kilograms of berries every summer and store them in a freezer or make jams, so they can eat berries rich in vitamins throughout the year.

Taste the feast in the Finnish forest, and here's the right way to open it

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Blue Noble — Wild Blueberry(Bilberry)

Finland is the world’s highest wild blueberry region.Wild blueberries are very picky about the environment, mostly grown only in the pure natural ecology of the polar forest, making it the world’s only can not be artificially grown blueberry varieties, so also praised by the Nordics as “blue nobles”, and Finnish forest blueberries are more known as the “king of berries” and “not old spirit.”—- quote from Baidu Encyclopedia’s “Wild Blueberry” term

Wild blueberries in Finnish forests are often considered “superfoods” and contain flavonoids and anthocyanins several times more than artificially grown blueberries, as well as fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6, antioxidants, vitamins A, B and C, carotenoids, and potassium, zinc, etc.Wild blueberries in Finland contain very low calories, they do not contain saturated fat, are ideal for a low-fat diet, and also contain vitamin E and dietary fiber. Natural therapeutic, nutrient-rich, with strong antioxidant, anti-free radicals, anti-visual degeneration and anti-arterial sclerosis and thrombosis and other effects, especially suitable for over-eye students and white-collar workers, beauty and the elderly daily consumption, can protect vision, slow aging, enhance memory, is one of the world’s five health products recommended by FAO.

Forest gold — wild cloudberry

Cloudberries grow in the swamps of Finland’s cold polar Lapland region, and the delicious berries that can only be born under the polar conditions of the Arctic Circle are extremely precious and are known as the “Lapland Forest Gold”.Cloudberries are a rich source of vitamin C, and 75 grams of golden cloudberry berries can meet a person’s needs for a day.Cloudberries are also rich in vitamin E, higher than many fruits and grains.Of all the wild berries, cloudberries have the highest fiber content.Historically, sailors in northern Europe have been using cloudberries to prevent scurvy.Today cloudberries are refined and used in the production of beauty skin care products.

Taste the feast in the Finnish forest, and here's the right way to open it
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Lingonberries grow in finnish forest shrubs, typically produced by arid, semi-arid and moderately humid shistinforests.It can also be found in pine or spruce swamps, in forests with large amounts of herb, on rocks exposed to the ground, on mountain stony mountains and on the edge of the wilderness. Wild cranberries in Finland contain high levels of vitamin E, manganese, and are also a good source of fiber.In terms of minerals and trace elements, cranberries contain almost no harmful sodium, but are rich in potassium.Arctic Cranberry is rich in polyphenols and is a powerful natural antioxidant, such as raw flower pigment, quercetin has been scientifically proven to have antiviral, antibacterial anti-inflammatory effects, can prevent inflammation, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and urinary tract infections;


Raspberries contains a considerable amount of vitamin E, vitamin C, folic acid, calcium, potassium, magnesium and other nutrients, as well as a large amount of fiber.Each 20g raspberries contain vitamin C equivalent to one citrus, and each 100g raspberries contains 3.7g of dietary fiber.Raspberries contain polyphenols called tannins, which are easily absorbed by the body and promote cardiovascular health.

Taste the feast in the Finnish forest, and here's the right way to open it

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Top left: Red Bean Cranberry Top right: European Cranberry (Wild Blueberry) Bottom left: Cloudberry . . . Bottom right: Raspberry (raspberry)

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Taste the feast in the Finnish forest, and here's the right way to open it

Pure, healthy, delicious food makes people happy, and that’s one of the secrets of Finland’s world’s happiest country.

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